Eco Fresh Janitorial

Eco Fresh Janitorial Cleaning web page


Eco Fresh Janitorial is a fast growing commercial cleaning and janitorial company in Winnipeg Canada.

The owner came to us looking for a fresh looking but simple website where people could visit, get a quick overview of their services, and either call or complete a contact form to get a quotation.

We delivered on that request. The site is working great and receives a growing amount of traffic and leads.

We started out with a basic Primer theme and default layout. Then added custom images, content and built out the services pages. Harinder chimed in on the about page and it was clear sailing from that point on.

We then optimized the site and made it conversion ready. A few days later and we launched the website, promoted it on social media networks, and the rest is history.

If you’re looking for a similar site or something completely unique, feel free to contact us. We love to be a part of your next BIG idea.

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